Australian Register of Homoeopaths Ltd

How to Register

There are two different routes by which a practitioner can register with AROH.

The first is for practitioners who have completed a qualification at a college whose homoeopathic course is accredited by AROH. (a list of AROH-accredited courses can be viewed by clicking the "Courses" option at the top of the page.)

The second, for practitioners who have not studied a homoeopathic course accredited by AROH, is to undertake an assessment of their competency. Practitioners who demonstrate competency may then register with AROH.

Please click on the following links to download the AROH registration form.

  Application for those who have not completed an AROH accredited course and wish to sit the competency assessment, this includes applicants with overseas qualifications and domestic applicants who have not completed an AROH accredited course: Recognition of Current Competencies - Application Form
  Once the Board is satisfied that an applicant is competent to practice, there are additional requirements. In order to maintain registration, practitioners must:
  • maintain annual professional indemnity insurance.
  • hold a current first aid certificate.
  • meet continuing professional development requirements.
Once registered, registrants must provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually. The CPD policy document, which includes a list of approved activities, can be downloaded from the "Policies and Guidelines" page on this website.

Leave of absence may be taken for a maximum of three years. Written notification to AROH is required along with $60 fee. A $35 restoration fee resumes active registration.
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