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To find a practitioner in your area, follow the links below to the Home Pages of AROH's member associations, all of whose professional members are accredited by AROH.

Australian Association of Professional Homoeopaths 
Member base is in Queensland Email:  
2/72 Vulture St, West End, QLD 4101
Phone: 07 3846 0440   
President - Lynda Brownsey  

The AAPH is a professional association of practicing or formerly practicing homeopaths founded 1987, formerly the Homeopathic Society of Australia, founded in 1979.

The association was founded to assist the practice, education and promotion of homeopathy that meets Hahnemann’s standard of The Organon in what is to be treated in disease.  To that end, the AAPH accepts members that meet specific standards of training in the bio-sciences and clinical practice.   The AAPH believes it is essential that the practitioner of homeopathy has the skills to integrate the use of the modern bio-sciences and clinical knowledge and to be able to integrate these with a range of professional health practice.  The objective of the AAPH is to facilitate this type of practice.


Australian Homoeopathic Association 
Member base throughout Australia except the Northern Territory Email: 
PO Box 4552, Hobart, TAS 7000
Phone: 0421 672 023   
National President - Ann Manning 
National Administrator - Tracey Jakimovski   Phone: 0421 672 023   Email:

The AHA is a recognised peak body and public voice in Australia. It is the largest and the only national association of professional homoeopaths in Australia and includes all state branches. The AHA is a not-for-profit organisation, run by elected volunteer professional members with paid administrators.

AHA supports members by:

• Providing and facilitating professional development opportunities

• Facilitating and growing member participation at all levels of the organisation.

• Ensuring members are reliably and regularly informed on issues pertinent to their profession.

• Offering free student membership.

AHA represents homoeopathy in the community by:

• Actively supporting the growth and integration of homoeopathy into Australia’s health care system.

• Providing political and governmental representation, regarding issues affecting the homoeopathic profession.

• Establishing and fostering collaborative relationships within the complimentary health care sector.

• Providing education and information to the public.


Homoeopathic Education & Research Association (HERA) 
Member base is in Victoria Email: 
392 Church St, Richmond, Victoria 3121
Phone: (03) 9484 6048   
President - Jim Veljanovski   Phone: 03 9484 6048   Email:
Secretary - Kate Lukis Phone: 0481 092 310   Email:

The Homeopathic Education and Research Association (HERA) was formed in Melbourne in 1983. Its aims and objectives are to help Australian Homeopaths expand their knowledge and develop their competency in Homeopathy.

HERA offers a network to support the learning of many aspects of homeopathic principles and practice. Ongoing professional education is provided by homeopaths and other health care professionals for the homeopathic profession.

In pursuing these goals HERA has been influenced through contact with the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) in India. The ICR is one of the foremost educational institutes for homeopathic practice and research in the world today. The ICR has perceived the need to develop an integrated approach to case taking, analysis and synthesis. It is committed to achieving a balance between the art and the science of homeopathy


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