Australian Register of Homoeopaths Ltd

How to Make a Complaint

One of the Board's most important functions is to investigate complaints made against registered homoeopaths.

All complaints received by the Board are referred to the Board’s Professional Conduct Committee.

The complaint should:
  • Be received in writing on a Statutory Declaration, giving as much detail as possible.
  • Address items in the Board's Code of Professional Conduct or Standards of Practice.
  • Be made against a practitioner registered by AROH.
Once the Registrar receives a complaint, they will determine whether the information provided suggests that a breach of the Code of Conduct or Standards of Practice has occurred. An Investigator may be appointed to conduct an investigation into the matter and may conduct interviews with both the complainant and the homoeopath concerned.

The investigator then prepares a report for consideration by the Professional Conduct Committee, which must then decide on one of the following courses of action:
  • That a hearing is required.
  • That no further investigation is required and the investigation is closed.
  • The Registrar advises all parties of the outcome.
Complaints about AROH-registered practitioners should be sent to:
  • AROH Registrar
  • PO Box 1533
  • Warriewood Shopping Square
  • NSW 2102
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