Australian Register of Homoeopaths Ltd

Homeopathy Workforce Survey Research 

The Homeopathy Workforce Survey research is being conducted by the research collaboration between The Aurum Project and the Australian Register of Homoeopaths (ARoH). 

Current status:

The project team, comprising members from both ARoH and The Aurum Project, are currently completing a background document and then the application for ethics approval.

What is the research about? 

The main purpose of the workforce survey for homeopaths is to uniquely identify the nature of their practice and build a database that allows the profession to identify workforce planning and education opportunities to support its professionals.  While previous Natural therapies surveys have included homeopathy, there is no specific survey dedicated to assessing the potential needs of the profession based on the current and future intentions of its workforce. The survey includes questions such as those on demographics (i.e., age, gender), homeopathic and non homeopathic education, the hours worked as a professional homeopath as well as in other fields, and your intentions in regards to future professional activity. The workforce survey questions are modelled on the national workforce survey questions for allied health professions to align the profession to other allied health professional activity.

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