Australian Register of Homoeopaths Ltd

What is AROH?

Homoeopaths were the first of the complementary medicine professions to develop government-endorsed National Competency Standards (NCS) for the education of homoeopaths in Australia. Once these were completed, it was realised that homoeopaths required a registration board.

The Australian Register of Homoeopaths, a registered company, was created in 1999 to be the national registration body for professional homoeopaths. It is the receiver and arbiter of complaints from the public against registered practitioners. Homoeopaths registered with the board have qualifications matched to the NCS and are required to meet the Board’s continuing education and insurance requirements each year.

There are a number of recognised homoeopathic associations in Australia, some of these have representatives on the board of AROH. In order to become a professional member of these associations, practitioners must first register with AROH.

In summary, AROH:

  • Accredits Australian Homoeopathic Courses
  • Registers qualified homoeopaths for practice in Australia
  • Receives complaints from members of the public
  • Liaises with government and health funds
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